Feature Policy

Demo Pages

What's a feature policy?

Feature Policy is a new way of controlling the availability of features on the web platform — existing features like fullscreen and geolocation, new features like WebUSB and WebPayments, and even some things that we don't traditionally think of as features, like navigation or writing into a document using JavaScript.

Feature Policy gives site authors control over what features are going to be exposed on their web sites, whether in their own content, or in third-party content that they embed.

Policies can be set through an HTTP header (cleverly named Feature-Policy) containing a list of policy directives, or through attributes on <iframe> tags in an HTML document.

The demos on this site will tend to require a very recent browser (As of May 2017, that means Chrome 60+) as Feature Policy is very new, and still being standardized.

Find out more on the official GitHub repo, by reading the specification, or the explainer.